Czech Federation of Aikido - an overview

Our Mission

The primary objective of the Czech Federation of Aikido (CFAI) is to spread and develop aikido as a moral and physical discipline in accordance with the teachings of the founder Ueshiba Morihei Ōsensei.


Brief Introduction

The CFAI, founded in 1991, is the oldest aikido organization in the Czech Republic and is active throughout the country linking 30 dojos with 900 regular members.

The CFAI is a non-profit organization recognized by the Czech government, with its Statutes, annual General Assemblies and a democratically elected leadership. All activity of the CFAI is in accordance with state regulations and other directorial bodies, which cooperate with the Federation on further development of aikido in the Czech Republic.

International Recognition

The CFAI is officially recognized by the Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.

We also maintain close relationships with several aikido organizations and dojos in Slovakia, France, Germany, Sweden and other European countries.

CFAI Hombu Certificate

Visiting Shihans

The Technical Director of the CFAI is Franck Noel Shihan (France), 7th dan Aikikai, who has been coming on regular basis to give two seminars a year since 1994.

The CFAI was also visited visited for several years by Endo Seishiro Shihan, 8th dan Aikikai. Both teachers have greatly contributed to the development of the CFAI.

The CFAI has also been organizing annual seminars with the following teachers: Stefan Stenudd Shihan (7th dan Aikikai, who has been visiting the Czech Republic since 1991), Phillipe Gouttard (6th dan Aikikai, coming since 1997), Jan Nevelius Shihan (6th dan Aikikai), Dirk Müller (6th dan Aikikai) and many others.

You can find dates of their upcoming seminars in our aikido seminar calendar (in Czech).

Technical Development

The CFAI also provides long-term development for its instructors organizing regular classes and seminars for teachers. This education is approved by the Czech government and implemented in cooperation with Masaryk University in Brno.

The CFAI instructors from 5th to 3rd dan Aikikai form a Yudansha college which oversees the Aikikai dan grading within the organization. The head of this grading committee is Mr. Zdenko Reguli (5th dan Aikikai).

CFAI instructors teach over 50 seminars around the Czech Republic per year in order to develop the level of aikido in local clubs.

Promoting Aikido

The CFAI actively spreads and provides information about aikido to both aikido community and general public. We have helped with publishing several books on aikido in Czech language. Popular and scientific articles as well as videos are published regularly by member clubs and individuals. Public demonstrations are common, especially in the beginning of a season in autumn. 


President of CFAI
Pavel Munzar,, +420 606 426 670

Mailing address
Czech Federation of Aikido
Tylovo nabrezi 315, 500 02 Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic, Europe

International Affairs
Martin Švihla,, +420 737 848 627


Czech Federation of Aikido
was founded in 1991 and currently links 30 aikido clubs with 900 members.

The organization is internationally recognized by Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.

Our Technical Director is Franck Noel Shihan (7th dan Aikikai).